derived from nature. boosted by science.™

sourced only from concentrated juice extract
sourced only from concentrated juice extract
derived from nature.
boosted by science.
100% soluble PAC
100% soluble PAC
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our PAC make us better, our results prove it.

36mg PAC
All 36 milligrams of PAC extracted just from the concentrated juice (only these PAC are soluble)
Virtually no oxalates, vitamin K, or sugar
20+ clinical studies
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I prefer safe ways of avoiding infections, rather than needing to constantly treat them. Ellura has been the most effective way I have found, and there is no risk of developing antibiotic resistance. The supplement prevents the bacteria from sticking to the bladder.

– Dr. Benjamin Brucker


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what we leave out is just as important as what we put in.

Ellura has virtually no oxalates—good news for those prone to kidney stones.

Ellura is safe to take with most medications, as it has virtually no vitamin K.

Ellura is safe for people with diabetes, since there is virtually no sugar in our formula.

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feel comfortable in your own body.

this is just the beginning.

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