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Solv Wellness is here to support you at midlife and beyond with science-backed solutions to uncomfortable yet common pelvic health problems.

the key to healthy aging is balance.

As you age, sustaining the natural equilibrium of your pelvic triangle—the gut, vagina, and urinary tract—is an essential part of maintaining your health. We are dedicated to developing meaningful, science-backed solutions to support female pelvic triangle health to help you move comfortably and confidently through the next phase of your life.

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“We are committed to shining a light on conditions that have been needlessly stigmatized, and applying our unmatched scientific rigor to deliver products to help solve these conditions.”

– Terri Wade Co-founder/CEO of Solv Wellness

we can help you break the treat-and-repeat cycle.

If you suffer from chronic UTIs, waiting until a UTI happens and then treating it with an antibiotic is only treating the end result, not the underlying cause.

A lasting relationship is full of benefits.

Solv Wellness solutions are formulated to be a part of your daily routine to achieve optimal results. Ellura has helped thousands of women manage their UTIs with daily use, see what they’ve said.

On-and-Off Use
I was doing great with Ellura until I stopped taking it and I found out the hard way that it does work! I got an infection and now I am ordering again. It’s not worth it to stop taking Ellura.
P. Koon
Results may vary
1+ Year Daily Use
It’s expensive, but in the 18 months (maybe longer) I have been taking it, I have had NO urinary tract infections. That’s a record for me. And the cost is made up for by being able to avoid antibiotics with their side effect of causing yeast infections. A great product.
– Susan
Results may vary
3+ Years Daily Use
Ellura is the best supplement out there. I have had UTIs since my 20s and doctors couldn’t find out what was causing them. I took many different antibiotics and they made me even sicker. Thanks to Ellura, I have not had one UTI in 3 years.
– Donna
Results may vary
5+ Years Daily Use
I've been taking Ellura for 5 years now. I would go without food before going without Ellura. It's that good. I was taking so many antibiotics before starting Ellura, and look at me now! No UTIs in 5 years.
– Shelley
Results may vary

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